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Rope Handles

1. Sew two strips of fabric the desired length for tote bag handles plus an approximate 5″ for the ends of handles.  Fold in half lengthwise with right sides together (Fig. 1).

2. Turn right side out, press with seam in the center. (Fig. 2)

3. Fold handles in half lengthwise with seam hidden inside. Top stitch close to edge leaving a ”opening at each end. (Fig. 3)

4. Wrap one end of  Cotton Filler Cord with tape such as painters tape, push a safety pin through the taped end of cord for ease of feeding rope through the fabric, insert through one opening in handle, feed cord through, having each end meet at openings (Fig. 4). Fold each end over ½” to the wron side press. Set aside for now. Repeat for opposite handle. 

5. Pin the ends of one handle to one side of bag as desired, place the ends of each handle outside of bag with the seams of handles facing inward, pin or baste into place (making sure not twist handles). Repeat for second handle placing on opposite side of bag (Fig. 5).

 (Fig. 5)

6. Top stitch completely around bag close to top edge and bottom edge to catch handles, and bag. Optional ~ Stitch a capital M on each handle for reinforcement (Fig. 6).

 (Fig. 6)

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